What is it?
Northstar Science Film Festival is an exciting new film festival to celebrate the collision of science and entertainment. Northstar Science Film Festival presents a selection of entertaining and enlightening science-themed films from around the world.    Screenings are intermixed with engaging discussions with leading scientists and interactive, hands-on activities for attendees.

The theme for 2016 is “Living on the Edge”, exploring the frontiers of life: space, epidemic diseases, popular culture and other exciting areas illuminated by science on film.

Beyond presenting great science entertainment, Northstar Science Film Festival recognizes and awards achievements of artists, scientists and others who inspire passion for science through film and other entertainment arts.

Northstar Science Film Festival is a multi-day series of interactive celebrations, workshops, and other networking and idea-sharing opportunities for creative and science professionals, including: screenings of science films, storytelling workshops, awards ceremonies, and an exciting “pitch slam” event.

Films & Schedule
Our lineup is almost complete, and tickets are available here!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Northstar Science Film Festival?
A. Northstar is a brand new, international festival celebrating awesome science in films, television and other entertainment.

Q. Is it a science documentary film festival?
A. No.  Northstar features all kinds of entertaining films in which science plays a role.  Science documentaries are certainly welcome, but Northstar is interested in entertaining films and visual media of all kinds: romantic comedies, action flicks, animated shorts, musicals, narrative dramas, or video games.

Q. Is it a science fiction film festival?
A. No, but imaginative, entertaining sci-fi will definitely be part of the festival!  But Northstar is not a sci-fi festival, as many other kinds of films and programs will be screened and discussed.

Q. Is it all about screenings?
A. Not at all! Every Northstar experience will be interactive, fascinating and fun. Screenings are just one spoke of the Northstar wheel. Hands-on activities for all ages, technology demonstrations, thought-provoking presentations, panels and debates, music, even science-themed comedy.  Northstar seeks to engage attendees at all levels and in many ways.

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