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Northstar Science Selects Lowertown St. Paul for 2016

June 13, 2016, Saint Paul, Minn. – Northstar Science Film Festival has selected the Lowertown area of St. Paul as the home of much of its programming and events for the 2016 festival, which runs from September 15-18, 2016.

LowertownLowertown is a thriving, artsy corner of the capital city’s bustling downtown, studded with art galleries, theatres, taprooms, parks, and restaurants. It’s home to key festival partners, and will provide rich environments for festival screenings, live events, social activities and free time for attendees.

“Lowertown is alive,” said Festival founder Ryan Johnson. “You cruise right into the heart of it by light rail or bus, walk a block in any direction and find arts, commerce, culture and innovation.  This is a great spot to launch our festival.”

TPTOne of Lowertown’s most prominent occupants is Twin Cities PBS (TPT), a vital festival partner. Founded in 1957, TPT is a national leader producing award-winning STEM programming for PBS, such as the legendary “Newton’s Apple,” and more recently, “DragonflyTV” and “SciGirls.” What’s more, they’ve just renovated their facility, with a strong emphasis on spaces and events that invite the community in.

“Our new facility is built for events like this”, said Donna Saul Millen, Director of Events at TPT. “We’ve always been passionate about educating the public about STEM and our new space and this event gives us a great way to do that in person. It makes perfect sense to host festival events like the NSFF.”

“Northstar Science Film Festival is an ideal partner event, that brings together a confluence of good science, accessible entertainment, great storytelling, and community engagement,” said Lucy Swift, former Vice President of Minnesota Productions & Partnerships at TPT. “We can help deliver a powerful experience of those things, all wrapped in fun and discovery. It’s a no-brainer for us.”

SMMBlocks away is another key partner and festival venue: Science Museum of Minnesota, a world-class leader in experiential learning. Across the street from TPT are the Jerome Hill Theater and the Great Hall, with both screening and elegant social space for festival events; and Bedlam Theater, an experimental arts and music theatre that will play host to special live entertainment for festival attendees.

Bedlam“There aren’t many places in any large city that have this concentration of interesting venues, partners, organizations and vendors in such close proximity, all nestled in a fun, refreshing vibe of artistry and innovation,” said Joe Spencer, Director of Arts and Culture for the City of St. Paul. “It’s a magical place, and St. Paul’s best-kept secret. I guess the secret is out now. Festival attendees are going to love the location almost as much as the programming and events.”

Northstar Science Film Festival will also have programming and events in other locations, both during the 2016 festival and throughout the year. Northstar Science Film Festival runs September 15-18, 2016 in Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Northstar Science Film Festival seeks to inspire passion for science by showcasing great science films, fostering connections between scientists and filmmakers, and providing opportunities for filmmakers who explore the ideas of science.

Kevin Dragseth, Director of Communications
Northstar Science Film Festival